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For more than twenty years, David Allen Hammond has been writing and performing his songs in venues from coast to coast; honing his vision of the spiritual underpinnings of the human experience.
From the windswept deserts of the Southwest to the snow-covered fields of the high mountain valleys or the steel and concrete canyons of New York City, David's songs ride the thin edge of experience where the senses apprehend but the the soul understands.  
As a multi-instrumentalist, David has performed with the A-list of Texas songwriters including Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Butch Hancock, Joe Ely, Jimmie LaFave, David Halley and many others.  As a songwriter David has contributed to several Jimmie Dale Gimore albums (three of which received Grammy nominations), as well as many artist in all genres from Texas, New York, Tennessee, Virginia and points between.  
Born in New River, Arizona, the desert was David's first home and the austere beauty of the landscape is apparent in his songs.  After several years studying Jazz, English, Anthropology and Philosophy at Arizona State University, David moved to Texas where he spent the next 20-some years playing and writing with a variety of musicians, singers and songwriters. 
In 2002 Hammond released "Lifelines" to favorable reviews and radio play.  Ten songs written by Hammond or co-written with  Kevin welch , Jimmie Dale Gilmore,and Don MacAlister Jr. established him as a bona-fide 'Texas Songwriter'  

          "Because this is clearly a growth plate, the more you hear them, the more David Allen Hammond's songs do their work and possess you" - Ronny Bervoets -

          "“It is such a pleasure to hear this recording which demonstrates David Hammond’s immense musical range and powerful songwriting” -Jimmie Dale Gilmore


After the release of 'Lifelines' an opportunity arose to move to the high country of New Mexico and Spyderman Studios was born.  The studio, in the basement of KZRM radio became a comfortable place for singers and songwriters to capture their songs and avail themselves of David's skill as producer and instrumentalist.  Fall of 2013 marked the release of "Sapphire Sun" an ambitious 15-song exploration of Hammmond's love of all things musical.  

After a serendipitous meeting with Jeanie Putnam, a beautiful classical pianist and singer/songwriter from New York City, David relocated to the East coast where he began perfoming with Jeanie.  After six years in New York they have relocated to Taos, New Mexico. In Taos, they built the recording studio  "Tune Drive Sound" offering quality recording to local and national musicians.  They continue travelling and performing using this lovely mountain town as a home base.

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